Tareq Jami

I'm Tareq Jami from the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah), I was born on 10. January 1999 in Hamburg, Germany. I lived in Germany till I was 7 and then I moved with my family to the UAE. There I was able to perfect my native language (Arabic) and also Persian and English, but unfortunately I forgot German.

I finished the middle school there in a private school (Salman Al-Farsy Pvt. School). Then I made my way back to Germany and decided to graduate at the Heinrich-Hertz-School. Right now I'm in my last year of high school.

Beside school I also learn orthopedic technology, I also use to code and go boxing in a gym.

Since 2018 I'm working on a project called "Kurvenuntersucher" it's a mobile mathematical learning-app to help students learn more about curve sketching. The application is currently only in German language.

I also work on mathematical problems and I came up with a brand new formula to solve special cubic functions, I called it The Jami Formula.


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